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School Projects

Installed inbuilt burners in the schools of Serena, Jinja college

Uganda Prison Services

Installed inbuilt burners eco stoves in Prisons of Upper Prison

Uganda Police

To install Inbuilt eco stove burners in Nagulu Canteen and Naguru Garments…

United High Commision For Refugees

A partnership between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and…

Uganda People’s Defence Forces(UPDF)

Installed in Commandant Bombo Barakacks, Kabamba, Kavera...

Markets under Local Government

Installed smart Eco stove kitchens with inbuilt burners in the markets of…

The Eco-stove technology is of increased efficiency which runs on solar with added benefits of lighting, mobile phone charging, FM radio and much more.

This patented technology was inspired by a philosophy and a desire to produce a rather more energy efficient cook stove whose design meets real-world cooking challenges and provides real solution to institutions and the everyday persons.
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