Why An Eco stove?

Our technology uses Eco Friendly Volcanic Rocks

Eco Stoves produce fewer particulate emissions, which is not only better for you and your family’s health, but it is also better for the environment. With our solar-aided volcanic rocks eco stoves, we guarantee the best energy efficiency and durability

An eco stove Product Comes with 2-year reusable Volcanic rocks, solar panel, Solar battery, 2 bulbs Backup lights, Blowing fans, Power adapter, 1-year warranty, and charging cables.

Eco stoves Features 

Have control of the Eco Dimmer(fans

  1. Enables Faster Cooking
  2. Have control over cooking temperature
  3. Can be connected to hydroelectricity

Multi-Purpose solar battery

  • Keeps up to 5 days cooking charge
  • Charge up to 5 phones
  • Powers home Lighting Bulbs
  • Has an Fm radio and MP3 players

Re-usable Volcanic rocks

  • Enjoy smokeless cooking
  • Reusable up to a year
  • Save 85% on charcoal
  • Highest cooking efficiency

Enjoy a smooth cooking experience with the revolutional eco stove.

Eco stoves reduce toxic carbon emissions up to 95%, keeping you safe.

Volcanic rocks save up to 85% on cooking fuel expenses.

Cook up to 3 times faster as compared to local cooking means.

In developing countries, there has been a welcome shift toward the use of more clean and sustainable cooking technologies and fuels, away from the traditional practice of cooking over open fires.

The test was done by Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI) on an ES10 Eco stove

  1. Boiling: 5 minutes to cook 3 liters of water at 96 degrees
  2. power output; 12 volts, 7 watts
  3. Compatible Devices:  light bulbs and phone charging
  4. Fuel: Briquettes /Stones
  5. Fuel size; 1 kilogram of volcanic rocks
  6. Weight: 12kgs (single)
  7. Materials: clay mold -insulator, galvanized steel, metal.
  8. Other materials; solar/thermal-electric generator/electricity & fan.
According to research, in Uganda, 96% of the rural population relies on biomass for cooking and 89-90% of the population does not have a clean cook stove. About 19,700 Ugandans die every year from exposure to indoor air pollution (IAP). long times spent looking for fire wood, huge expenses in fuel costs. The contribution that firewood and charcoal make to Uganda’s GDP is estimated at US$48 million and US$26.8 million respectively (UNDP, 2011).Moreover, the excessive use of biomass for cooking has placed increasing pressure on the natural resources, including forest reserves
Charcoal production
Huge loss occurs during production and consumption of charcoal. nine bags of charcoal get lost through inefficient technologies used to convert wood into charcoal. “Highly inefficient technologies of charcoal are used such that for every one tone of charcoal, seven to nine tonnes of trees are cut,” says Ayongyera. a private consultant“ For efficient technologies to be adopted there is a need to organise the charcoal production sector.
Basic facts
1 bag of charcoal=2-3 trees- an average family uses 2 bags of charcoal month A bag of charcoal costs btn $30-$35 Only 10% of Ugandan household can access and afford the running cost of gas or electricity. 89% of Ugandans depend on charcoal or firewood as cooking fuel 1% use Bio-Gas Electricity is only found in urban areas so people in rural areas depend on kerosene lamps or camp-like fire for light. Every cook stove in the country has a running cost which is ever increasing. WHO - on Indoor Air Pollution Cooking and heating with solid fuels on open fires or traditional stoves results in high levels of indoor air pollution. Indoor smoke contains a range of health-damaging pollutants, such as small particles and carbon monoxide. According to Global Health Risks: Mortality and burden of disease attributable to selected major risks indoor air pollution is responsible for 2.7% of the global burden of disease. other related illnesses & dangers faced include;
Eco stove will put a stop at the running cooking fuel cost with its reusable, heat retainant rocks and the added benefits of light bulbs and phone charging accessories saves the user the money they do not have much of that is otherwise spent on phone charging fees and weekly transport costs Because its a necessity.
Eco Stove
The Eco stove is an innovation in Uganda and on the continent aimed at stopping IAP, conserve the environment as it saves the end user cooking fuel cost. Eco stove in none like any other cook stove on the market today and meets the KYOTO PROTOCOL. it is a simple, practical and its functions are aimed to meet the cooking needs of every day person. It is smoke free, more efficient, functional, modern and user friendly. People love using the Eco stove, we know because they have said so in the feedback report the company received. This is a stove that is functional and more efficient than most cook stoves on the market in the country. This is because Eco stove designers, technicians and engineers worked together to create a stove that is as functional on the outside as on the inside. complete with a beautiful, presentable, look than most. Three sizes, Three functions Eco stove comes in 3 sizes; A single burner( ES10), A double burner (ED18) and an oven style size (EO30). This was intended to meet the user's cooking needs and capacity. Three functions; Eco stove cooks, lights a home and charges phones. the 3 main basics needs of life today.
why do people prefer Eco stove?
Right from the start of our pilot programme, there as alot of love because of its unique features that even a gas, electric or most efficient cook chacoal cook stove does not have. it cooks with reusable yet heat retainant rocks that save the user the running cost, stones are smoke free, provides light and phone charging service, it is potable and can be used anywhere, both in urban, rural areas and camping.

In order to increase its combustion, the stove has been adopted with an inbuilt air system that run on solar which introduces forced air to the rocks to make it more efficient. If we can provide a single Eco stove to each family that uses charcoal or firewood, we can guarantee a huge reduction is carbon foot print and reduced environmental degradation for this generation and generations to come.

  Stove Testing
   Stove & kitchen performance tests
   Stones testing
   Emissions test
    Water Boiling test
   Beans Test.
   Controlled cooking test
How do I make a yearly payment?
Serenity Is Multi-Faceted Blockchain Based Ecosystem, Energy Retailer For The People, Focusing On The Promotion Of Sustainable Living, Renewable Energy Production And Smart Energy Grid Utility Services.
What makes an Eco stove?
* Galvanised metal sheets, other metal, Fan, clay liner/mould,
* Insulation pumice & Vermiculite, solar kit & Paint.
* Fuels
* Volcanic rocks & Briquettes.
*  Eco stoves reusable stones
*  If every charcoal/firewood user owned an eco stove, we would improve alot of peoples lives, save on carbon foot prints, climate change and global warming.
The Eco-stove technology is of increased efficiency which runs on solar with added benefits of lighting, mobile phone charging, FM radio and much more.

This patented technology was inspired by a philosophy and a desire to produce a rather more energy efficient cook stove whose design meets real-world cooking challenges and provides real solution to institutions and the everyday persons.
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